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Starcat Games is looking to increase its workflow by adding 5 new Logo artists.


- MUST have skype

- MUST have a microphone

- Must speak a decent level of english

If you do not meet these requirements you will be ignored as i presume you can not follow simple instructions.

Skype = starcat42

Message me with rates and examples please.

Starcat Games Is FLOODED with work and is looking for 1 or 2 new artists of any type. Each and Every day we get emails for jobs and my artists are already overworked.

I am willing to interview Two or possibly 3 Artists.

Requirements - Not negotiable. 

-Must speak a decent level of english

-Must have skype

-Must have a microphone

- Must be online on skype at least 5 days a week.
just like the title says i am looking for something like this.…

i have all of the images. i just need someone who can animate them.
10570465 630161973764566 6990052790544774139 N by Starcat42 the creators of Legacy: The Card Game is beginning to work on an online version of the card game.

Everything about the game is finished other than programming.

We are currently seeking a Networking specialist, a c# specialist and a unity game developer.

You will be working with each other and alongside other starcat games programmers in a collaborative effort to get this off the ground. Payment will be discussed if you are able to do the jobs and can commit to the project.

Must have skype: = Starcat42

VOM LV5 copy by Starcat42  Card Back NEW by Starcat42  

1902864 532770190170412 285246819 N by Starcat42  
Starcat games can help you with Art, voice acting, music, sound, user interface, card templates and much more!

with over 100 artists, we can help with almost anything you could need

We also work within your budget!

Skype = Starcat42 or email

10405333 576351692478928 7316479783649037403 N by Starcat42  1601019 514953728618725 1565640270 N by Starcat42  1459300 488824677898297 2074240079 N by Starcat42  10303803 566460303468067 7929657160423468991 N by Starcat42  1970678 543321425781955 1142819157 N by Starcat42  <da:thumb id="2786838105841074" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="8212754600654823" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="5851003036107403" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="5949406473829877" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="1347205596410669" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="6469788839569316" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="7753466230162886" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="8434558730355931" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="4654500969535672" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="4474589957337827" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="1253661852643359" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="3731654768729583" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="6249872192728800" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="6931890073738062" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="5863775448633359" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="5763507160864771" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="2282598862171639" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="7792198476704770" format="200H"> <da:thumb id="1599017108577303" format="200H"> 


United States


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Teonardo Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Merry christmas, here is a llama for u :D
Starcat42 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
lol thanks
sergiosoares Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
You clicked the wrong reply button on your job offer post.

I don't know you. Never applied for nothing you offered. 

Liquid-Grievous Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
sent you a note. would liek more info on yoru 3d ship..if its interesting enough. I may be able to help. thanks
alinaphobic Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you should consider crediting the artists whose work you're putting up on this account. : )
Starcat42 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
i took their names off for now, because someone was harassing my artists. i will put them back after my game is finished.
foosbooze Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
hows d card game comin along Starcat?
thechickninja Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the faves of my Juliet cosplay! She's so awesome! :heart: Much appreciated! :D P.S: I'll let you know about the game stuff soon!
Pazito Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Do you still want me to work with your game?
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